News & History of EyeMap

7/14/2012 EyeMap v0.5 beta (r1 - r5) by auto update

remove Fixed a bug of TSV2XML parser on missing some empty trials. (r5)
remove Fixed bugs on variable LineNum, SacInVelX and SacInVelY. (r5)
Increased the rendering speed for large amount of fixations(e.g. over 1000 per trial). (r4)
remove Fixed a bug on showing the tutorial video loading screen. (r4)
add Added user defined begin/end messages to Tobii TSV2XML parser. (r3)
add Added left eye drift correction visualization for saccade viewer. (r3)
add Added variables DriftDeg, DriftLocX, DriftLocY, DriftOffX, and DriftOffY for retrieving left/right eye drift correction. (r3)
add Added left/right eye drift correction information extraction functions for ASC2XML parser. (r3)
remove Fixed a bug on fixation browsing when the number of right eye and left eye fixations are not equal. (r3)
add Added a menu option to Help-->(Update News and History). (r3)
add Added fixation sequence label support for playback viewer. (r2)
remove Fixed a bug on zoom the last fixation in playback viewer. (r2)
add Allowed user to lock/unlock binocular fixation pairs during editing. (r2)
add Enhanced fixation selection (shift+click) in editing mode. (r2)
remove Fixed some bugs on sequence label display on saccade viewer. (r2)
remove Fixed some bugs on ASC2XML data parser. (r2)
remove Fixed a bug that fixation report export fails when the last trial is invalid. (r1)
remove Fixed a bug of misreporting invalid trials on parsing EDF to XML. (r1)
remove View all fixations in editing mode when quit from browsing mode. (r1)
add Add a badge installer to EyeMap homepage. (r1)
add Add new zoom in/out slider, the old double click zoom out function is deprecated. (r1)
add Add a new variable TrialTime (trail based timestamp). (r1)
add Add Christmas logo to splash. (r1)
remove Fixed the problem of outputing extra period for blink related variables. (r1)
remove Fixed a bug on output message name with space. (r1)
remove Fixed a rare bug on parsing data from EL2 system, where two continuous fixation end events were received. (r1)

11/20/2011 EyeMap v0.4 beta (r1 - r9) by auto update

add Added a help button to package loader. (r9)
add Improved alias cache (exporting speed is 2 times faster than v0.4b_r8). (r9)
remove Fixed a bug of data exporting, when previous output is canceled. (r9)
add Added alias cache, which greatly increased data exporting speed (exporting speed is 10 to 20 times faster than any previous EM). (r8)
remove Fixed a bug of exporting empty fixation/word matrix on v0.4b_r7, when single experiment is loaded. (r8)
add Added a package loader, which can load project package (zip) file from local or remote (more details here). (r7)
add Rewrote the splash screen, added a progress bar to splash screen. (r7)
remove Fixed the freeze problem when exporting fixation/word report. (r7)
remove Fixed a bug on applying fixation filter. (r7)
add Changed fixation/saccade labeling (odd/even method is abolished). (r6)
remove Fixed a bug on saccade variable calculation (a saccade/fixation miss-match will happened when a trial start with a saccade event). (r6)
remove Fixed a bug on EL data parser (EDF-ASC2XML): false invalid trial report, when blinking create two continuous fixation start event. (r5)
remove Fixed a bug on text display shifting when center aligned text out of screen boundary. (r5)
add Changed text.html HTML mode img tag src property URL path from absolute path to relative path. (r4)
add Added a menu option to Edit-->(Clear Invalid Marks(-/+)). (r4)
add Added saving screen when saving replay FLV animation file. (r4)
add Immigrate EyeMap to Flex 4.5.1 SDK with AIR 2.7. (r4)
add Added saving screen when saving XML data file. (r3)
add Added fixations grouping based on Tobii AoI. (r2)
add Added Tobii TSV (tab separated text) data parser. (more info at (r2)
remove Fixed a bug on creating raw data folder in Mac OSX and Linux. (r2)
remove Improved scroll of viewers. Scroll is inhibited when mouse wheel rotating or arrow keys pressing. (r1)
remove Fixed some bugs in editing mode (such as, last left fixation cannot be edit and fail to update the modification). (r1)
add Added script EDF2XML(folder).cmd for batch process data folder. (r1)
remove Fixed some bugs on Parsers. (r1)
add Immigrate EyeMap to Flex 4.5 SDK. (r1)
remove Fixed some bugs on immigrating SDK (e.g. animation output). (r1)

7/01/2011 EyeMap v0.3 beta (r1 - r9) by auto update

remove Fixed a bug on eye voice when word is skipped during read aloud. (r9)
remove Fixed a bug on header shifting, when calls WordProperty/TrialProperty without word.csv/trial.csv. (r9)
remove Fixed some bugs on eye voice variable calculation. (VoiceOnTrialTime, VoiceOffTrialTime, and etc.) (r8)
remove  Fixed a bug on the parser. The cut-off event delays until the current fixations(R&L eyes) end. (r8)
remove Fixed a bug on message event extract. (r7)
remove Fixed a bug on Variable data source switch. (r7)
remove Added variable TT back to the fixation variable list. (r6)
remove Fixed a bug on displaying trial/fixation list the in editing mode. (r6)
remove Fixed a asynch problem on browsing binocular data. (r5)
add Immigrate EyeMap to Flex 4.5 SDK. (r5)
add Added a drag-and-drop editing interface in the VariableViewer to create/remove/modify filters. (r4)
add Implemented Word/Fixation filters. The filters can filter out fixations/words which satisfy filtering conditions on certain variables. (r4)
add Added variable search-by-name function to the VariableViewer. (r4)
add Added trial number into raw data file. (r4)
add Added loading eyemap project file (prj.xml) (r4)
remove Fixed bugs on the definition of monospaced and proportional font in vars. (r3)
remove Fixed a bug on exporting fixation matrix which only contains left eye information. (r3)
add Added AoIYFactor tag which defines the line spacing of Area of Interest to text.html. (r2)
add Added duration and version info to output FLV video. (r2)
remove Fixed xml data file loading error message. (r2)
add Changed "About EyeMap" information. (r2)
remove Fixed problems on Voice FalseStart, add new var FalseStartFix.(r1)
add Added following vars: FixNum_S, LaunchDistEnd_NP, LaunchDistEndDec_NP, PF_FixLocX, NF_FixLocX, SacInVelX, SacInVelY. (r1)
remove Fixed a bug on vars WordCount_L.(r1)
remove Fixed some bugs on variable name.(r1)

3/30/2011 EyeMap v0.2 beta (r1 - r9) by auto update

add Added FalseStart timestamp for voice and related variables: FalseStartTrialTime, FalseStartWord, FalseStartPos(NP), and FalseStartPosDec(NP).(r9)
add Added animation exporting function in Playback viewer.(The video output in FLV format). (r9)
remove Fixed some bugs on loading and exporting data file with "voice" tag in config.xml but do not have valid .voice.xml files. (r9)
remove Fixed some bugs on exporting empty trials. (r9)
add Added failsafe mode to rescue damaged EDF files. (r9)
add Added a parser version tag to XML data file. (r9)
add Enhanced Fixed-size Dots fixation display, use Color Intensity to indicate the fixation duration. (r8)
add Added new variables: G1Fn, G2Fn, ... GnFn. 'Fn' represents the last fixation in gaze; 'Gn' represents the last gaze on word. (r8)
remove Fixed a bug on none space segmentation. Old version cannot use any char in " " as separator. (r8)
remove Fixed a bug on parser. New parser can process data correctly even when "end" or "cutend" tag is not defined or cannot be found in config.xml file. (r8)
add Added variables: SacInVelX, SacInVelY, SacOutVelX, and SacOutVelY. (r8)
remove Fixed a bug on GxFy vars display in Word Properties list. (r8)
remove Fixed LaunchDistBeg and LaunchDistBegDec (r8)
add Assigned new function to begin/cutbegin and end/cutend tags in config.xml (more details here). (r7)
remove Fixed a bug on exporting word matrix header. (r7)
remove Enhanced word matrix related functions. (r6)
remove Fixed a bug on word matrix export. (r6)
add Checked and rearranged variable list. (r6)
add Added feedback on user selecting toolbar button. (r5)
remove Fixed a bug on word matrix export. (r5)
add Added word property variable for fixation/word matrix. (r4)
add Merged right and left eye word matrix output. (r4)
add Added four new variables NumBlinksOnGaze, GazeBlinkDur, NumBlinksOnWord and WordBlinkDur. (r4)
add Added BlinkDur and Blink back to varialbe list for selection. (r4)
remove Fixed some bugs on word matrix exportation. (r3)
add Enhanced Pupil Viewer to Raw Info. Viewer which now supports viewing X, Y and Pupil changes VS Time. (r2)
remove Disable the selection rect. in playback viewer. (r2)
add Added TrialProperty and WordProperty variables to word matrix exportation. (r2)
remove Fixed a bug on fixation matrix exportation. (r2)
remove Added FixDur back to varialbe list for selection. (r2)
add Redefined gaze-Y to Driftcorr Y. (r1)

1/08/2011 EyeMap v0.1 beta (r2 - r8) by auto update

add Enhanced user defined word sparator for text segmentation. (r8)
remove Fixed bug on align x, y fixation in editing mode. (r7)
add Added user defined word sparator for unspaced text. (more details here)(r6)
remove Fixed bug on text center align mode. (r6)
add Added a new menu item to redefine gaze Y coordinate to the center of the screen. (r5)
add Enhanced editing mode, add a sign in the title to indicate current mode. (r5)
add Added selection rectangle for some viewers. (r4)
remove Fixed bug on multi-selection in editing mode. (r4)
remove Fixed bug on exporting header of Trial/Word Property. (r4)
remove Fixed bug on exporting MSG related variables. (r4)
add Increase the word boundary height 25% on each side. (r4)
add Completely rewrite the text layout engine. EyeMap now supports simple HTML code parse with presenting and analyzing layout mixed with different font face, font size, even pictures in trials. (old text.html format is still supported) (more details here) (r3)
add Updated to new vars namespace. (old var names are still preserved) (r3)
add Added to data tips for property name. (r3)
add Added 3 new vars:WordLocY, NxtLandPosDec, PreLandPos. (r3)
remove Fixed some bugs (r3)
remove Corrected the message timestamp by using the delay shift. (r2)
add Add drift correction message parse and visualization. (r2)

10/18/2010 EyeMap v0.0.9 alpha (r2 - r9) by auto update

add Added 3 new variables: VonFix, VoffFix, TT. (r9)
remove Fixed bug on deleting vars from variable view by pressing DEL key. (r9)
remove Fixed bugs on warning message display. (r8)
add Enhanced the function of Variable viewer, add word vars source list, and DEL function. (r8)
remove Fixed a bug on exporting word matrix. (r8)
add Added two new eye voice vars VLauoff10, VLauonL10. (r8)
add Updated development docs and online system to current version. (r8)
remove Fixed several minor bugs. (r8)
remove Fixed bug of parsing eye voice xml file. (r7)
remove Fixed bugs on playback speed control, replay gaze start position, and eye voice animation. (r7)
add Added a trash empty button. (r7)
add Added vars NPAbsLauEnd, NPAbsLauEnd10. (r7)
remove Fixed bugs on calculating all AbsLau, LIW related variables on spaced and unspaced scripts. (r6)
add Added new variable: GiFn to word matrix. (r5)
add Added pt, px support to font-size. (more detail here) (r4)
remove Stopped auto playback. (r4)
remove Fixed bugs in variables: LIW, NPLIW, AbsLau, NPAbsLau, CenLau, NPCenLau. (r4)
remove Fixed bugs in extract voice messages of the parser. (r4)
add Added 13 eye voice variables: ArticD, NPVoffL, NPVoffL10, NPVonL, NPVonL10, VoffL, VoffL10, VoffTT, VoffW, VonL, VonL10, VonTT, VonW. (r3)
add Added alphabet, number, sentstop tags to text.html. (more detail here) (r3)
add Added two new variables: Tsentences, TWonS. (r2)
remove Fixed bugs in variable Tlines. (r2)
remove Fixed auto update locale problem. (r2)
remove Fixed frozen bug in loading Unicode sentence stop. (r2)

9/16/2010 EyeMap v0.0.9 alpha

add Add auto online update function to EyeMap.
add Create a bridge installer for EyeMap.
add Add user messages extra function to parser. Check Create Config File page for more detail.
add Add user defined messages virtualization function to Fixation and Event viewer, and a show message button message.
add Add message related new variables: MSGxName, MSGxTS, and MSGxInc.
add Add EDF-ASC2XML scripts for Mac, and Linux user. Check install instruction page for more detail.
add Add a playback control panel to Playback viewer.
add Add sequence labels for gaze points in Fixation and Saccade viewer.
add Optimize the display speed of Fixation viewer.
remove Represent toolbar menu item.
remove Fixed datatips overlap problem when browsing fixation points.
remove Fixed a bug that parser only accept absolute path of input asc file.

8/30/2010 EyeMap v0.0.8 alpha

add Add virtual effects to fixation viewer (shadow drop), saccade viewer (gradually coloured line), and playback viewer (virtual tail).
add Add eye voice playback.
add Create EyeMap video tutorial page.
add Add video help to all viewers. When user click help button button, the video tutorial of current viewer will be shown immediately.
add Add fixation block selection function to Event viewer.
add Add short cut keys in edit mode, user now can use arrow keys to move the selected dots.
remove Fixed bugs in data exporting, add a help option in menu bar to demonstrate data export.
remove Fixed bugs in dynamic calculating the left eye variables.
remove Fixed bugs in online system.

7/27/2010 EyeMap v0.0.7 alpha

add Add an Event viewer to display a interactive chart of event vs. time.
add Add a function of generating a word report.
add Add a new variable: TWonL.
add Modularize the code, strip the data tree management function, and recombinant them into a _Root class.
add Create this page, update documents.
add Add short cut keys in edit mode, user now can use arrow keys to move the selected dots.
remove Stop exporting invalid trials.
remove Stay current viewer after a new trial is selected.
remove Fixed a bug in parsing single eye data asc file.

7/17/2010 EyeMap v0.0.6 alpha

add Add a new viewer to help user modify/generate "export.xml" simply by drag-and-drop.
add Add an Intelligent save button which activates the save function based on context.
add Add a word property list in the right side, which shows the dynamic information of the word.
add Allow user to select a word by mouse click. When the word is selected, word property is automatically activated and updated.
add Add a heatmap display to the playback viewer. You can turn it on/off by select corresponding item on the context menu.
add Add tooltips to all the buttons and list views.
add Add info tips to fixation dots, saccade dots, and word blocks.
add Add a function to save a snapshot of current displayed chart.
add Once one fixation dots is selected, another fixation dots on the corresponding eye will also be selected.
add Change top menu save function to save as.
add Create a homepage for EyeMap project with all related documents.
add Create an online system based on current version.
add Add a new variable: TWonP.
remove fixed a bug on AvgPS and AvgGazePS.

5/13/2010 EyeMap v0.0.5 alpha

add Add a context menu in viewing mode of fixation view. Fixation dots scale can be changed according to the selection of menu item. (Three options: Fixation Duration/Mean Pupil Size/Fix-sized Dots)
add Add a bottom to show/hide the blink event in black dots. The size of the blink dots is base on the blink duration.
add Add zoom in/resume function in fixation view. User can zoom or resume the fixation view by double click or press the zoom button on the toolbar.
add Add a function of selecting fixation dots. User can select fixation dots by mouse click.
add Add playback speed control by mouse wheel.
add Add a cross to the center of right eye fixation dots and an x to the left eye.
add Add a support of loading word properties from word.csv file.
add Update the splash screen.
add Update the readme file. Add a section to introduce the EyeMap interface.
remove Fixed bugs on dots playing (wheeling the mouse) in fixation and saccade view.
remove Fixed a bug of dots redraw problem.
remove Fixed a bug on display raw curve. 

4/28/2010 EyeMap v0.0.4 alpha

add Migrate the code from flex 4 beta2 to flex 4.
add Create development API documents.
add Add dynamic data processing function. All fixation-based export-variables will be displayed on the property list in the right side.
add Add a reload button to reload text.html and export.xml file. Changes on text.html and export.xml can be update immediately after reload.
add Add Icons for button.
add Add options to display or hide the different boundaries.
remove Fixed a bug in parsing single eye data asc file.
remove Fixed bugs on calculating variable (SacOutVel/SacInVel/Gazedur2/GazeAll2)
remove All float variables now output in 2 decimal places.
remove Output blank instead of output NaN.
remove Removed Heatmap-Viewer.

3/31/2010 EyeMap v0.0.3 alpha

add Add manual text segmentation support for unspaced text.
add Rewrite the data tree build which dramatically increase the rebuild speed.
add Add visualized word boundary/length/center to fixation viewer.
add Update readme.docx.

2/28/2010 EyeMap v0.0.2 alpha

add Add background text center/right align mode.
add Add loading trial property from trial.csv file.
add Add a menu item(Edit->Mark Trial) to mark a trial valid/invalid, you can also press “Del” key in the trail list view to mark a trial, invalid trial will be skipped in calculation and export.
add Add new variables: FixBegX, FixBegY, FixEndX, FixEndY.
add Update readme.docx.
remove Fixed build frozen problem when processing unicode text.
remove Fixed bugs in NWonS, NWonL, SacOutDist, SacInEndY.
remove Fixed some other bugs in processing and visualize single eye data.

2/22/2010 EyeMap v0.0.1 alpha

add Add a processing splash screen.
add Create edit mode and view mode.
add Mouse wheel fixation and saccade path playback in view mode.
remove Fixed the errors in loading cutoff message.
remove Fixed the errors in loading and export raw data.
remove Fixed the errors in loading Unicode "text.html"
remove Fixed the errors in loading and display the single eye xml data.

2/16/2010 First workable version of EyeMap

add Add function of loading and parsing "config.xml" file.
add Add function of parsing intervals and messages from raw data.
add Add function of binocular data synchronization.
add Add function of selecting export eye, single or both eye exports.
remove Fixed bugs on calculating variables.
remove Fixed bugs on recalculating fixation position of subordinate eye after the fixation of primary eye is moved.
remove Fixed bugs on loading text block start coordinate.
remove Fixed bugs on text leading.