Online System

The EyeMap online system demonstrates how users can analyse their eye movement data anywhere and show them to others through a standard web browser.

Please explore the EyeMap Online System here.


Project Package Loader

Project package is a zip file which contains eye movement XML data files and support files (such as text.html, export.xml, wexport.xml, word.csv, trial.csv, and *.voice.xml) that collected under the same setup with same stimuli. Current online system and desktop EyeMap (version >=0.4b_r7) allows users to load the project package locally (desktop version only) or remotely.

Create Project Package

Create project zip package is quite straightforward, users could simply pack their data folder into a zip file (using zip tools such as WinRAR)


Package loader will ignore files that stored in the sub folders of the zip file, therefore project package should not contain any sub folders, and EyeMap functions that relied on data files in sub folder (such as raw data plot) will not available when data are loaded from project package.

Load Project Package Remotely

1. select "Load project package(zip)"

 select package loader

2. enter remote data package URL and click "Load" button


Sample Project Packages

User could test some sample project packages by copying following links to EyeMap Package Loader.

Unspaced English:
Eye Voice: