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Please cite our EyeMap paper not only our tools (thanks)

EyeMap is a visualization and analysis tool for viewing, filtering, and processing eye movement (gaze) data from reading or other psychology experiments. Some advanced features of EyeMap are listed as follows:

  • It is one of the first eye movement (gaze) data analysis software which could process binocular eye movement analysis as well as eye voice span visualization and analysis;

  • One of the first gaze data analysis software which supports automatically word/letter segmentation on proportional font types/unspaced texts;

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  • Generate many unique reading related variables, and all supported variables (over 150 variables) can be accessed selectively and immediately after they are included in the analysis by simply clicking on the data objects such as fixations or Area of interests (words);

  • User defined data filters on any supported variables and the filtering results will reflect to both data outputs and visualization immediately;

  • Visualize and replay eye movement events and raw data in various ways;

  • Easy gaze data editing: move/align fixations using mouse/keyboard (auto align fixations for sentence reading);

  • Supports several modern eye trackers including SMI RED-m tracker, SR EyeLink series and Tobii series as its data source;

  • Recreating text stimuli with Unicode, proportional and non-proportional fonts, spaced and unspaced scripts. Consequently it is well-suited for reading research on a wide range of writing systems. (to date it has been used with English, German, Thai, Korean, and Chinese.);

  • Cross-platforms (Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X);

You can get the first impression of our software from the Online System, or watch the tutorial video below:


EyeMap Online Video Tutorial

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